ACL Fest Infected Zone Map

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is almost upon us. To some of us here in Austin, that’s good news. To others it’s tantamount to a plague. Here at the Austin Post, we wish to serve the needs of all and help make this coming weekend great for festival-goers and festival-avoiders alike.

That’s why we have prepared the map below of the ACL Infected Zones to help any and all negotiate the weekend invasion. It’s a handy and quick reference to the areas that will be affected by the big bash in Zilker Park so you can steer clear if you so desire and be forewarned about the parts of town that will suffer ACL Fest spillover.

Click image for full-size map:

Map by Cisco Ryder Gilliland

The ACL Music Festival already gets tons of attention from our local media so we at the Austin Post cooked up a series that avoids the obvious and fills in the blanks. Here are some of the topics that will roll out as the week progresses:

  • ACL Fest Avoidance Guides - Weekend getaways and day and evening trips and for those of you that want to escape the madness, a geektastic guide to holing up in your hacienda all weekend, and weekend activities for those not attending the fest that steer clear of the Infected Zone (though a few verge into its edges).
  • ACL Fest Survival Guide - What to wear and what to bring on your backpack, the best ways to get to the fest, and more.
  • Best Quick Escapes Outside the Festival Grounds - Cool places to eat and chill when you need a little time away from the crowds.

Meanwhile, look for daily reports at the festival from Austin Post writers Stephanie Myers and Rob Patterson, an in-depth glimpse behind-the-scenes at producing the Fest from backstage ACL Ambassador Darcie Jane Fromholz, and fan reports following it all from longtime fest attendees Dan Carney and Cassidy Thorp.


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