Empowering Youth with Makeup

Today Joelle Maryn, Mrs. Austin 2011 and creator of Cattiva Cosmetics, used both her makeup line and years of modelling experience to teach young women in the Lifeworks' GED program how to look professional for an interview. The classroom of ladies between the ages of 16 and 26 were involved, and attentive, taking turns at being the model, and asking lots of questions. With Maryn at the helm, though, the makeup tips were only half of the lesson.

Maryn kept the makeup message simple – use neutral tones, no heavy liners, and keep it clean and natural if you are going for an interview, but her deeper messages were shared by telling her own story of success. Originally a New York girl, Maryn did not start out trying to be a model but her husband convinced her to go to an open call, and from there she found her face on a billboard in Times Square and on product ads across the country. Three years ago, and with just a few thousand dollars, she started Cattiva, which means naughty in Italian,  and since then it has become a national brand.

Maryn wrapped up the makeup demonstration by sharing her favorite quotes and mantras for success from James Allen, John Wayne and Eleanor Roosevelt but her own quote was just as useful. She says, “If someone tells you 'no', just go knock on another door.” She also told the class to, “Dream big and never give up!” Everyone in the class was given a starter kit of Cattiva makeup to take home along with a little more confidence for that next interview.

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