Independent Republic of Texas?

The Texas Nationalist Movement rallied in Austin on Saturday to mark Texas’ Independence Day. There is something bigger than pride in seceding from Mexico on their minds. They want to become the first state to secede from the United States of America.

The protest comes as the state celebrates 175 years of independence. The Texas Nationalist Movement believes that an independent Texas would be better able to look after its own finances than as part of America. Their ire is spat in all directions, at Democrats and Republicans alike. They hold no bars with Governor Rick Perry either. Constitution Party of Texas member, Eric Kirkland told the Houston Chronicle that he would love to debate Rick Perry over the state’s finances.

Can they do it?

Last time a state or states attempted to withdraw from the Union it lead to bloody civil war and the capitulation of the south. However, there would not be a repeat. Texas Secede states that the Texas and American Constitutions do not explicitly disallow states from secession. However, neither are the terms of secession set out. This means it is a gray legal mire for lawyers to sort out should a majority of Texans ever wish for independence.

The biggest hurdle for any independence movement would be apathy. The Texas Nationalist Movement and related parties are small in number and have next to no power. Any vote on independence, should it ever be legally allowed, would most likely fail. However, as the ire of Texans rises because of high taxation and poor spending, the movement is likely to swell in ranks. Whether their numbers reach a tipping point into power depends on whether the big two national parties are able to strangle them like they do many third parties.

Mark Wollacott edits Wulfstan’s Literary Tumble

Photo courtesy of Frontier Women.

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