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Sustainable Food Center's Holiday Gifts and Events

The Sustainable Food Center and farmers market has several locally sourced holiday gifts and events this year. The local farmers and vendors will offer an array of seasonal items this year, perfect for the local food-lover on your list or for entertaining at a holiday party.

Beloved Thanksgiving Day tradition: Austin’s Turkey Trot

The Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot is held in Austin on Thanksgiving Day, and is a great way to help eliminate guilt over that big meal you are going to inhale after you cross the finish line.

Austin Trees Still in Crisis

It’s cooling off in Austin, but falling leaves may not be a sign of autumn. Austin (and most of Texas) is in the midst of a serious drought that is still hurting the city’s urban forest.

City Council's Postponed Vote on the Urban Farm Code Update Means More Time for Community Input

Austin City Council postponed their vote (originally scheduled for October 17th) on the Urban Farm Code Update. So, that gives extra opportunity to speak your opinion to the council – whether by email, or in November at the meeting itself.

Weather Cools! Top 5 Hiking Spots Around Austin

Fall is my favorite time of the year. In more northerly states, it conjures memories of crackling leaves, hooded sweatshirts, worn-in jeans, football games and early sunsets. In Austin, it conjures memories of … not sweating, shirts that have sleeves and cool nights, if not yet days.

Auditorium Shores Dog Park Meeting Gets Rowdy

City Parks Department staffers Jesse Vargas and Marty Stump got barked at by a packed house of angry and frustrated dog owners on Tuesday night, who were there to comment about the staff’s now-final recommendations to ban dogs—on leash or off—from the Auditorium Shores lawn.

East Side Compost Pedallers Complete the Cycle

The average American creates around 4 pounds of trash per day according to one EPA report, but for social entrepreneur Dustin Fedako, founder of the East Side Compost Pedallers, it’s not trash, it’s “scrapple.”

Dogs to Be Banned from Auditorium Shores Lawn

It’s been heralded in the local news as the greatest thing since F1 came to town: C3, the concert promoter that puts on ACL Fest, recently donated $3.5 million to the City of Austin for the restoration of Auditorium Shores. All but one report failed to mention, however, that C3’s plans mean that the current use of the park’s six-acre lawn as an off-leash dog park will end.

Fall in Austin - Skin Care Tips for the Changing Season

With summer winding down it’s a great time to start thinking about the transition in your skin care regiment for the upcoming fall season. Over the course of the summer your skin has been exposed to the intense Austin sun and extreme humidity, which can be rough on your complexion.

ACC to Teach Sustainable Agriculture

Austin Community College is launching a new program this semester that could help more Central Texans make a living by working the land.

Grape Myrtle

Mmmm ... drought tolerant AND you can make wine out of the berries. Seen at the southeast Austin Home Depot.

Five Best Swimming Holes Around Austin

It’s September in Austin, and summer is still going! One of the great things about Central Texas weather is that our swimming season lasts from April until early October.

Day Trip: Wimberley's Blue Hole is a Hill Country Jewel

Ah, the swimming hole. There’s not a Central Texan around who can’t appreciate the appeal of a good swimming hole; a shady spot where the river or creek widens and deepens as bald cypress trees bend at the hips, looking at their reflection in the water.

Best Day Trip Ever: Krause Springs

Krause Springs makes Barton Springs look like a diaper-filled swampy hell hole. And I love Barton Springs. That’s just how magical Krause Springs is though.

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