Beloved Thanksgiving Day tradition: Austin’s Turkey Trot

The Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot is held in Austin on Thanksgiving Day, and is a great way to help eliminate guilt over that big meal you are going to inhale after you cross the finish line.

How to Look Like a Burn Victim for only $10

Whether your Halloween costume is a charred zombie, the virgin in a horror movie, or Katniss Everdeen if something went terribly wrong on her chariot ride, it’s surprisingly easy to create a realistic looking burn.

How to Make a Gross, Pus-Filled Boil

Whether your Halloween costume is a decaying zombie, a post-apocalyptic plague victim, or the Baron Harkonnen from David Lynch’s "Dune," it’s easy to make realistic pus filled boils.

Think Outside the Cliches for Sexy Halloween Costumes

Everyone's seen the sexy school teacher or sexy nurse, but what about the Freudian Slut or the Sexy Crazy Cat Lady? Forgo the cliché Playboy bunny and go for something that allows you to show a little leg and get a laugh to boot. Need some help? Well, that’s why I’m here.

Do It Yourself! Easy Costume Ideas for Halloween

For unique Halloween costume ideas, the thrift store is your best friend. Not only will you find something nobody else has, but you’ll also be DIY-ing it, which is way cooler than any store-bought costume, no matter how sexy it is. Here are some of my faves.

Don't Move Here (Please), But Move Nearby

You're in from out of town for ACL Fest and having a damn fine time. At some point many of you probably think, "Wow, this would be a great city to move to." Some of you may have already decided to relocate here, just like the 150 or so people who do it every day.

'I Figured I'd Fix Halloween': The House of Torment Story

Every Halloween, thousands of Austinites visit the House of Torment at the Highland Mall, but many of these spooked visitors don’t know that the giant haunted house all started in one man’s yard.

This Week in Geek September 26 - October 2: Mutant Powers Edition

Calling all secret agents! This week, you can join your fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agents for a viewing party or infiltrate superhero culture at Capstone Comics grand re-opening. If your flu vaccine wasn’t accidentally switched with a vial of super soldier serum, you can also play some geeky trivia, play some geeky boardgames, or play some geeky pinball.

Tech Events Roundup September 23 - 29: Mobile and Game Dev Edition

Get ready for your favorite Thursday of the month, because BASHH is back! Have a drink, relax, and socialize with the best and brightest in the tech industry. Mobile and game developers, this is also a great week for you with three meetups including two great speakers devoted to helping you make games users can’t put down.

This Week in Geek September 19 - 26: Geek Camping Edition

This weekend, the Sherwood Forest Faire opens it’s grounds for the third annual Celtic Music Festival. If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, check out the Superhero party at Moltov, the super secret Whedonverse event, and the super fun game Settlers of Catan.

This Week in Geek September 12 - 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day Edition

This week, Austin Geeks can enjoy a burlesque show, a Steampunk extravaganza, and a Talk Like A Pirate Day celebration as well as some smaller, quieter groups for the introverts such as the ever awesome Fantasy & Sci Fi Social, Austin Single Gamers, and a discussion group on being a geek.

Tech Events Roundup September 9-15: Refreshingly Agile Edition

This week, Austin is home big educational events like the jQuery Conference an HIMSS Edu-Tech event and an all new Refresh Austin. If you’re more in the mood for networking, you can relax and enjoy a drink with Python, Security, or GIS professionals.

This Week in Geek September 5 - 11: Impressive Past Edition

Nerd Nite is back! In addition to digging into technoarchaeology at the North Door, this week you can also help the Wild West Fest film their TV commercial, meet fellow Whovians for a kid-friendly house party, or admire David Bowie’s acting endowments as Master Pancake takes on Labyrinth.

Tech Events Roundup September 2-8: Post-Labor Day Edition

The holiday week may be short, but there’s plenty going on for Austin’s tech geeks. Head to Round Rock to hear Whurly of Chaotic Moon talk about the future of innovation, head to Capital Factory for September’s OpenHack Meetup, or learn Agile best practices.

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