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Beloved Thanksgiving Day tradition: Austin’s Turkey Trot

The Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot is held in Austin on Thanksgiving Day, and is a great way to help eliminate guilt over that big meal you are going to inhale after you cross the finish line.

Fall in Austin - Skin Care Tips for the Changing Season

With summer winding down it’s a great time to start thinking about the transition in your skin care regiment for the upcoming fall season. Over the course of the summer your skin has been exposed to the intense Austin sun and extreme humidity, which can be rough on your complexion.

RunTex - Run Off but Not Forgotten

It’s with great sadness to me that Run Tex has bitten the dust. After falling behind on rent for more than 3 months, the store was forced to shutter its downtown location doors.

Health Needs a Hero

Obesity is rampant in the United States. Austinite Jen Ohlson's documentrary "Health Needs a Hero" takes a remarkable look at one girl's path to becoming a healthier person.

Trail of Lights 5K

The Trail of Lights is back, and so is the 5k! Starting at 6:30 pm on December 15, 2012, the Trail of Lights 5k Presented by Humana will take participants passed the Zilker Tree, through the Austin Nature and Science Center, and into the Trail of Lights the night before it opens to the public.

Planned Parenthood Not Going Away Yet

Looks like low-income women will get a two-month reprieve before Rick and his pals in the legislature sever funding for any abortion services, including Planned Parenthood, which does not provide abortions but is considered an "affiliate."

Living Primal in Austin: Eat and Work Out Like an Early Human

"Going primal” and “going paleo” sound like strange activities indeed, but for many the so-called Primal movement is a way of life that aims to create healthier bodies by subsisting on diets similar to those of our early human ancestors.

Sharing the Road With Bikes: I Know My Place. Do You?

I have become an avid road bicylist since my retirement four years ago after a twenty-eight year career at the Austin Police Department. I ride a bike between 75 and 100 miles a week and almost all of that is spent on the roads from Oak Hill to Mansfield Dam or downtown Austin.

Ragweed is a Drag Indeed and Pollen is Appauling

Even worse than an unexpected visit from Aunt Winifred, ragweed pollen, which usually begins to appear at the end of September, is already here and in mass quantities. That means it's time to break out the allergy meds (again!).

The Sad Texas Top 10s Continue….

Yep, everything is bigger in Texas including some 30 percent of the state’s adult population who are considered obese, according to figures released yesterday (8/13) by the

My First Triathlon: A Guide for the Tri-Curious

I’m not an athlete, let alone three athletes. At some point less than a year ago I started running, encouraged by friends and other runners, and found that one can progress from wheezing and sweating a half-block to wheezing and sweating a half-mile, and on from there.

Austin Water Conjures Up A Grassy, Earthy, Some Would Say Musty, Bouquet

Ah 2012 will be a fine year for Austin water, conjuring up a floral spring, a rainy July, and an algae bloom of epic scope.

It's Official: Scientific Study Concludes Less TV Equals Longer Life

According to  a study published in the online-only medical journal, watching less than 2 hours per day of television will add a year and a half to your life.

We Should All Live So Long as Austinite Who Hits 100 Today

The 236th anniversary of America's independence is cause for celebration but hardly a landmark. But Refugia Muñoz Sandoval, who lives on Holly Street in East Austin, marks a big one today: her 100th birthday.

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