The 100 Rejections of Jia Jiang

Last year Jia Jiang was just another Austin techie down on his luck. He had quit a job that paid well but gave him that wasting-my-life feeling.

Forego Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Simply Shop Local This Year

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday shopping season. Commercials and ads are thrown in our faces from Halloween to Christmas, showing us things we don’t need at rock-bottom prices.

The Language of LGBT? Be Neutral, Move Forward

I am pro-choice, but I can fully appreciate why another would be pro-life and unable to agree with me in the slightest. I reject religion but do not condemn the faithful. I support marriage equality, but I also believe that many of those who don't are not hateful, but rather unable to understand and unwilling to try, because for them, it is simply not a priority.

Way Out West: The Magic of Big Bend

We spent 12 days in West Texas in late March, mostly in Big Bend National Park, mostly hiking – 55 miles over nine days, to be exact. It was a trying, rewarding, educational and enlightening experience that made me more appreciative of not only Texas but life and the universe, if you’ll allow me to be so trippy.

Darkness and Light from a Heartbreaking Week

I know I’m not alone when I ask, “What the hell is going on this week?” It seems everywhere you turn, terrible things are happening.

Austin Isn't Weird, West Texas is Weird

Austin prides itself on being the “weird” part of Texas. We have goats, chickens and bees in our backyards. We shop local. We have events like the oldest kite festival in the world. We have food trailers and breakfast tacos.

The Far-North Austinite's Guide to Avoiding SXSW

If you live in Up North, Austin, don’t stock up on MRE’s and DVD’s. This is your city. You have every right to enjoy it. If you live and work in the oft maligned northern hinterlands (aka north of Highway 183), you can still take advantage of a heck of a lot of classic Austin experiences while avoiding the madness downtown that is SXSW.

Entertaining Visiting Parents Who Don't Like Beer, Barbecue, Bands

When my mom comes to visit, it’s easy – she likes to do the same things I do. We go swimming, hit up some bars, hear bands and eat Tex Mex and BBQ. I hardly have to think about what we’ll do or where we’ll go because we can just do the things I normally like to do.

Health Needs a Hero

Obesity is rampant in the United States. Austinite Jen Ohlson's documentrary "Health Needs a Hero" takes a remarkable look at one girl's path to becoming a healthier person.

The Good, the Bad and the Awkwardness of Nerd Nite Speed Dating

Nerd Nite is one of Austin’s greatest geeky gems. It’s like a local monthly TED Talk with quirkier topics and a bar, and now they've added a bonus feature before the talks - Nerd Nite Speed Dating. As a single geek, it was my duty to investigate and report back.

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