ACL Festival's Second-Weekend Growing Pains

City records tell the tale of how event promoter C3 Presents sold out last year's ACL Fest.

Mostly Awesome: 3 Teens Review Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

Unlike this year’s ACL festival lineup, which drew heavily from bands of yore, Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 featured a balanced mix of the new and the old, drawing both a young and, ahem, seasoned audience.

Austin Music Foundation Receives Rent-Free Space to Offer Educational Services for Musicians

South Shores District Development, headed by Grayco Partners, has announced it will be providing a rent-free space within its 20 acre development on E. Riverside Drive to local musician support and educational non-profit organization Austin Music Foundation (AMF).

Support the Red River Cultural District - City Council to Vote on October 17th

While it’s been proposed many times over the years – in the Downtown Austin Plan of 2011 and the Imagine Austin Plan from last year, to name two places – the city has not yet finalized its support for the creation of the Red River Cultural District.

All Day Rock n' Roll Kidney Transplant Benefit Bash for Jerry Clayworth!

Where's everyone going to be Saturday - from noon until night? The Continental Club, of course! Join in on the fun, and be a Good Samaritan too!

The Real Guide: What to See While Visiting Austin

Just about half of the roughly 300,000 Austin City Limits Festival-goers each weekend are from outside of Texas, according to ticket sale stats. So welcome, y’all!

Auditorium Shores Dog Park Meeting Gets Rowdy

City Parks Department staffers Jesse Vargas and Marty Stump got barked at by a packed house of angry and frustrated dog owners on Tuesday night, who were there to comment about the staff’s now-final recommendations to ban dogs—on leash or off—from the Auditorium Shores lawn.

ACL Noise Pollution Due to Cool Weather

If you opted out of the festival this last weekend but live in the vicinity, the shows were brought to you—bass-lines and kick drums pounding through your living room walls, seismic enough to make you turn off your own stereo system to avoid even greater dissonance.

ACL Weekend 1 Sunday Slideshow

ACL Fest 2013 Weekend 1 is over, but we sure did have fun!

ACL Weekend 1 Saturday Slideshow

Austin Post photographer Suzanne Cordeiro recaps the Saturday of ACL Fest 2013 in these photos. 

ACL Weekend 1 Friday Slideshow

ACL Fest is in full swing, and Austin Post photographer Suzanne Cordeiro has the pics from Friday of Weekend 1 to prove it. 

10 Quick Breaks from ACL Music Fest

Being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people for three days straight can get tiring! Luckily, there's plenty within walking distance of Zilker Park, whether you're looking to cool off, grab a non-food truck bite to eat or just take a stroll.

ACL Fest - The Board Game

Now you can have all the fun and frenzy of a music festival at home, no wristband required!

Getting Around Austin During ACL

If you have any common sense at all, you will not attempt to drive downtown during either weekend of the Austin City Limits Festival.

Welcome to Branson, Texas

Poking through the Austin City Limits Festival website to see who's playing on which of the now-necessary two weekends, I found a problem with the site. The listings for each weekend were identical save for the local bands at the bottom. 

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