Dear Austinites: I’m Sorry I’m Ruining Your City

As one of the many new residents of Austin, I can tell you: we all know what you longer-term Austinites have been saying. You think too many of us are moving here and it’s ruining the city.

Intervention in Syria?

It is easy to play backseat driver and practice foreign policy without a license, but we are all voters. We all need to evaluate government policies and cast votes.

I-35 Cut and Cap is Good for Austin

Cutting and capping 35 would reconnect the two sides of the city, provide additional “people space” in the form of greenery, houses and businesses, and remove a great eyesore from our otherwise attractive downtown.

BREAKING: Austin Has Terrible Drivers

In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s ever driven here, Austin was recently ranked as one of the U.S. cities with the worst drivers. In fact, research shows that Austin drivers are 27.5 times more likely to get into an accident as the average American driver.

Social Security: Protecting Americans for 78 Years

How financially prepared are you for retirement? And where would you be today without the promise of Social Security?

Medicare: Improving Lives for 48 Years

Today, July 30, marks the 48th anniversary of Medicare, the national health insurance program for Americans 65 and older, signed into law by Texas' own President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 as an amendment to the Social Security Act.

New Texas Laws Protect Austin Seniors

Living in the state capital, Austinites are accustomed to the high-stakes, fast-paced period that occurs every other year during the legislative session.

Libertarian Thoughts: Abortion, Religion & Building a Responsible Consensus

I have never heard more politics from the pulpit than I do now. The conflict between religion and politics is growing and becoming more divisive.

Opinion: Servers and Bartenders Deserve More than $2.13/Hour

My first job was waiting tables at a small Italian restaurant in 1994; I made the federal pre-tip minimum wage of $2.13 an hour, plus tips.

Keep Austin Freelancing

I find myself constantly surprised by how many adults I see hiking trails, swimming or just lounging poolside during work hours here in Austin. Then I remember that these folks are just like me – they’re pursuing portfolio careers in a city that encourages individuality and freedom.

Your Dog’s Poop Is Your Problem

One of the things I love about the Austin area is the abundance of hiking trails and parks. Year-round, Austinites of all ages and backgrounds take to the trails to enjoy the beauty and solitude of nature.

Blame the IRS, the White House; AND CONGRESS

While there is plenty of blame to be directed toward the IRS and the White House (and it's now clear some in the White House knew about it), those throwing the most stones are the most to blame: Congress.

Austin Drivers: Put the Phone Down

As I recently walked on the sidewalk down Burnet Road, about a mile from my house, several cars passed me; I noticed one driven by a man who was clearly looking down at his cell phone.

Shoot First, Aim Later, in West

I attended the Texas Tribune morning conversation on Earth Day, when (naturally) the subject was supposed to be the environment. But on the heels of the tragedy in West, it turned into something else.

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