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UPDATE: City Solicits Community Feedback to Update 30-Year-Old Land Code

UPDATE (Dec. 2, 2013):  The City of Austin began soliciting public input on the Land Development Code Revision this fall. Check out the first three minutes of the following video, which gives citizens more information on how to participate in the process:

UPDATE: Council Rules on Urban Farms, Bans Animal Slaughter and Compost

After involved parties attended a mediated arbitration session Monday that didn't prove fruitful, City Council last night made some changes to the ordinance that would effect changes in the land code governing urban farms and then passed that ordinance.

UPDATE: Affordable Housing Bond Package Passes as City Booms

Sixty-one percent of Travis County voters agreed in yesterday's election that affordable housing is a priority. A $65 million bond package that voters approved will fund programs in the county, including in Austin, one of the Top 10 most expensive rental markets in the country. This year's package passed after a similar one failed last year by just 2 percent.

ACL Generates More Than $2.6M in Short-Term Rentals

Eleven inches of rain may have cancelled of the last day of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, but it certainly didn’t put a damper on the short-term home rental market, which saw an increase in demand this year.

Don't Move Here (Please), But Move Nearby

You're in from out of town for ACL Fest and having a damn fine time. At some point many of you probably think, "Wow, this would be a great city to move to." Some of you may have already decided to relocate here, just like the 150 or so people who do it every day.

UT Medical Plan: Phase 2 Aims for 2018

The second phase of development of the Medical District plan would kick off south of 15th Street sometime after 2017 (if all goes to plan).

Seaholm District: A Lot More Than a Grocery Store

A lot of fanfare accompanied last year's announcement that Trader Joe’s was the first tenant signed on to the Seaholm Power Plant redevelopment. When the entire project is complete though, there will be a lot more to get excited about.

The Frost Bank Tower - Soaring Skyscraper or Sore Thumb?

The Frost Bank Tower is one of those love it or hate it buildings. Count me in the latter category. (You might be able to argue me down to "dislike.")

The Mid-2013 Top 10 Report: Best for Burgers, Bros & Music Clubs. But Terribly Overrated Destination?

It's like a game now: Guess where Austin falls on this or that latest national Top 10 or Best Of list. Maybe some digital developer can launch an app that enables us all to make book on our city's *ahem* stature on the many metrics on which we consistently score.

City Envisions Brighter Future for Airport Boulevard

Half-empty stripmalls and broken sidewalks line parts of Airport Boulevard now, but some imagine this stretch as a future bustling academic and social center - a destination rather than a thoroughfare. The Highland Mall is replaced by the Austin Community College campus.

National Media Wonders if Austin Can Stay Weird

Of all the high-profile media mentions about Austin of late, none have shown how big we are on the national radar as two recent stories, in Time magazine and on

Seaholm Intake Facility: Vote on Your Favorite Design

The City of Austin is soliciting feedback on the top design ideas for the Seaholm intake facility, and there are some truly beautiful designs.

UT Medical Plan: The Biggest Transformation to Downtown

We’ve seen “Master Plans” come, go, sit on the shelves of City Hall, but the UT Medical District is more or less guaranteed to happen in the next couple of years, at least the first phase.

Why Pricey New Apartments are Good for the Rest of Us

From the standpoint of a renter in the market for a $750 per month apartment, two bad things can happen when the rental market is tight.

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