Herbalogic's Peak Power Formula is ideal for SXSW Energy Pick-Up


Herbalogic brings Peak Power Herbal Drops to help improve stamina and increase energy by enhancing the body’s natural stamina to promote higher levels of sustained energy.

Herbalogic is made in Austin, Texas by acupuncturists and herbal therapy experts with over 20 years of experience combined.

"We wanted to create a safe and cost effective method to bring Eastern herbal wisdom to Western customers with a line of formulas designed for common health concerns," Jeanine Adinaro, president and co-owner of Third Coast Herb Company, Inc. (makers of Herbalogic) noted. "A lot of people need more energy and endurance so we wanted to create a herbal dietary supplement to give consumers a safe, natural solution."


The Peak Power formula is based on several traditional Chinese formulas used to improve stamina and recover from over-exertion.


The product was also created with ease and simplicity in mind. In response to people getting sick from other brands of improperly tested herbal supplements, Herbalogic uses very high quality ingredients that have been individually tested. Some other brands also have instructions in Chinese which can be difficult to correctly interpret, whereas Herbalogic has easy to understand packaging so users never have an incorrect dose.


Herbalogic Peak Power comes in 2 fl. oz. dropper bottles and has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $24. It is available online as well as in stores across Texas. For more information on the locations and product please visit www.herbalogic.net or call 512-895-9595.





The Third Coast Herb Company, Inc. is comprised of three acupuncturists committed to educating the American public on the benefits and safety of traditional Chinese herbal therapy. With the guidance of herbal therapy experts with more than 20 year of clinical experience and training, Herbalogic offers other formulas which can be combined: Deep Sleeper for insomnia relief, Back In Action for muscle and back pain, Easy Breather for allergies, and Decompress to relax.   



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