Lack of Focus Results in Loss for Austin High Maroons

The fumble by Austin High in their opening play and the touchdown by Pflugerville within the first 30 seconds of the game both embodied the nature of the Austin High versus Pflugerville match that took place last Friday, October 16.  In other words, miscues, intersections, and penalties were frequent occurrences on the field of the Kuempel Pflugerville stadium.

Austin High’s starting quarterback, Hunter George, had the first fumble, which was followed almost directly by a touchdown for Pflugerville in the next play. The Pflugerville linemen proved quicker and stronger than the preoccupied Austin players, whose lack of focus resulted in a continued trend of miscues by Austin and scores by Pflugerville. The offensive linemen for Austin High were unable to fight through the Panther defense to create holes for their running backs, and furthermore had multiple interceptions and incomplete passes. The combination of these weaknesses sat the Maroons behind in an unfortunate score of 14 to 0 at half-time, with head coach Williams remarking “We have to execute; right now we are hurting ourselves more than they’re hurting us.

In Coach Williams’ words, during the third quarter the Maroons did just that. They made improvements and managed to gain points through a touchdown by Rondo Middleton and a recovered fumble run into the end zone by Junior Dylan Watson. After such plays, Maroons were in the lead with 17 points, and a win seemed possible.  However, the fourth quarter stifled those hopes, and by the fourth down of the final play, yet another incomplete pass destroyed the Maroons chances for victory. The game came to a close with the scoreboard reading Maroons 17 to Panthers 23.

Despite the loss, which places Austin High 5-2 overall, and 3-1 in District, the Maroon players look forward to their next game against Bastrop, and hope their preparations will provide them with the skill and focus they need to lead them to victory.

For more on the game, check out, and select “The Wednesday Show” to view the K-AHS Austin High Media Crew’s sports center package.

Interested in coming to support the Maroons at their next game? Austin High will play Bastrop at the House Park Stadium Thursday, October 22 at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

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