$5 Lunch Specials at the Best Austin Spots? Yes, Please!

A new Austin website called 5DollarLunch.com is connecting central Austinites to their favorite and soon-to-be favorite local restaurants.

5DollarLunch.com offers daily $5 lunch specials at local restaurants, without coupons, credit cards, restrictions or hidden cost to local businesses. The website's target audience is people who live or work in central Austin and focuses on restaurants within 10 minutes of downtown.

After holding a "soft launch" two weeks ago, 5DollarLunch.com is already generating enthusiasm and praise from participating restaurants, which include Blue Ribbon Barbecue, DownTown Burgers, Katz's, Kebabalicious, Sentelli's and more.

"In today's shaky market, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Customers are looking for a quality product at a great price. 5 Dollar Lunch has helped me meet those customers for my growing business," said Bobby Cavo, owner of Blue Ribbon Barbecue, located in the Frost Bank Tower on Fourth and Brazos streets.

5DollarLunch.com is different from other sites in that it is absolutely free for participating restaurants and requires no commitment from individuals.

To get access to the daily $5 lunch deals, individuals simply sign up for 5DollarLunch.com's daily email or visit 5DollarLunch.com. The featured restaurant of the day offers the $5 lunch deal, which typically runs from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., to customers who walk in and ask for it. It really is as simple as it sounds!

5DollarLunch.com's mission is to support local businesses while helping Austinites keep up-to-date on what central Austin restaurants are serving up. 5DollarLunch.com is owned and managed by Rachael Brendel, an Austinite and University of Texas alumna who lives and works in central Austin.

"We love Austin, and we love Austin restaurants. It’s a simple way for people to break out of their typical lunch routine and lunch local for less!" Brendel said.

For more information, please contact Rachael Brendel at 512-947-0926 or 5dollarlunch@gmail.com.

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