Healing the Hydrological Cycle in a Time of Drought

While we have finally received some rain recently in Central Texas, we are still in the midst of a drought cycle and desperately need to maximize the use of our water resources. We all know about the strategy of harvesting rainwater from rooftops, conveying it to a cistern, and then pumping it to where it is needed. To really maximize the benefits derived from the precious water that flows onto our site and into our homes and buildings, we can employ strategies that use the earth itself to capture and store that precious liquid.

Sculpting and preparing the earth to direct, absorb, and/or hold water is something that virtually anyone can do, whether their site is an urban lot, a commercial building landscape, or country acreage. These strategies can often be carried out at little or no expense.

Permaculture designer Gary Freeborg will introduce us to some of the land-based water harvesting approaches that he has used successfully in Central Texas. We will examine strategies such as:

  • Earth shaping
  • Ponds and wetlands
  • Soil building

Gary's has a rich background in the natural sciences, but an intensive Permaculture course with Bill Mollison in 1995 set him on a path of bringing a wide range of disciplines together with the goal of healing the land by jump-starting natures own cycles. His company BioDiversity offers large and small landowners a wide variety of revolutionary strategies to bring vibrant health back to the land, and increase the biodiversity in soil, plant and animal communities through consulting, education and research. Gary can be reached at biodiversity@inbox.com or 512-296-1831.

Free and open to the public; no reservation required

More info: http://designbuildlive.org/events.htm

Monday, February 18, 2013 - 19:00 to 21:00
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