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Which Fictional Coach Should Replace Mack Brown at UT?

With University of Texas Football Coach Mack Brown announcing his resignation this month after 16 seasons, the search is on for his replacement.

Your University Can't Fail: UT Commencement Then and Now

All things considered, I was glad we had arrived so early. Cool breezes, a cold water bottle, a good book and an endless supply of phone-supplied crossword puzzles had enabled two hours to pass pleasantly enough. I turned off the phone, put down my book and glanced at the nearby UT Tower.

UT Motto Mod: What Starts Here... Accelerates Destruction?

I want to suggest a slight modification of the University of Texas’ motto, “What starts here changes the world.”

Is Texas Twang Fading & Changing?

The distinctive Texas accent has long been a point of pride and identity for citizens of the Lone Star State.

UT Sends Evacuation Text for All Campus (update: bomb threat cleared, classes still cancelled)

Update: UT administrators received a bomb threat this morning from a purported Al Qaeda supporter who said to expect something this morning. The time of the threat passed with no incidents.

New Longhorns Guide to Near-Campus Noms

In your first year at the University of Texas, it’s all too common to eat most of your meals in the dining halls, at the Texas Union or in Dobie Mall.

No Hook ‘Em in Local Bars? AT&T Commercial Cable Customers Don’t Get Longhorn Network

Campus area restaurant and bar owner Cuatro Kowalski got a rude surprise last Saturday (9/1) as he planned for a bustling afternoon of serving customers as they watched the University of Texas football team defeat New Mexico in the season opener: the AT&T U-Verse cable service that he just i

Local Businesses Boom as Students Return for Classes

It’s hard not to notice the influx of students at the end of every August as University of Texas at Austin prepares for its fall semester.

UT Ranked No. 35 in Top Schools, No. 15 in Top Party Schools

That's right. You CAN have your cake and eat it, too. At least if you like your cake with burnt orange frosting. In a wacky coinkydink of news items, the University of Texas at Austin has made it on two very different lists. 

Update: Audit Finds UT Prof’s Gay Parenting Study “Wackadoo” & “Crappy”

Following the controversy over a study by University of Texas sociology professor Mark Regnerus that concluded that gay couples aren’t as good parents as straights (see link below), an internal audit by the journal that published it, Social Science Research, says it shouldn’t have done

UT Prof Fracks Up in Hydraulic Fracturing Study

UT is submitting hydraulic fracturing study headed by one of its professors for independent review after it violates ethics and its conclusions are questioned.

Was UT Prof’s Gay Parenting Study Rigged?

The burgeoning brouhaha over a study that suggests that gay parents aren’t as good at parenting as hetero moms and dads by University of Texas associate professor of sociology

UT Wins Robot Soccer World Cup

It may not be as high profile as the human World Cup, but the UT Austin Villa team is the first American team to win the robot soccer title, beating out 3-time former champs the University of Bremen in Germany.

Mayan 2012 Date Confirmed!

A University of Texas professor named David Stuart has found a second Mayan hieroglyphic reference to the date 2012 that many believe to be a prediction that the world will end at the close of this year. 

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