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How to Look Like a Burn Victim for only $10

Whether your Halloween costume is a charred zombie, the virgin in a horror movie, or Katniss Everdeen if something went terribly wrong on her chariot ride, it’s surprisingly easy to create a realistic looking burn.

How to Make a Gross, Pus-Filled Boil

Whether your Halloween costume is a decaying zombie, a post-apocalyptic plague victim, or the Baron Harkonnen from David Lynch’s "Dune," it’s easy to make realistic pus filled boils.

This Week in Geek September 26 - October 2: Mutant Powers Edition

Calling all secret agents! This week, you can join your fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agents for a viewing party or infiltrate superhero culture at Capstone Comics grand re-opening. If your flu vaccine wasn’t accidentally switched with a vial of super soldier serum, you can also play some geeky trivia, play some geeky boardgames, or play some geeky pinball.

Kickstarter of the Week: Free2Go SmartCar Bike Rack

It’s not often a Kickstarter lives up to Austin’s national stereotypes, but this may be the most Austiny Kickstarter ever started in Austin. That’s not a criticism. If I had my druthers, I’d own a SmartCar with a custom Doctor Who TARDIS paint job, and of course it would need a bike rack.

Tech Events Roundup September 23 - 29: Mobile and Game Dev Edition

Get ready for your favorite Thursday of the month, because BASHH is back! Have a drink, relax, and socialize with the best and brightest in the tech industry. Mobile and game developers, this is also a great week for you with three meetups including two great speakers devoted to helping you make games users can’t put down.

Made in Austin: Acid Etched Quarters

Local acid-etcher and jewelry maker Chris Zaribeck encourages anyone contemplating crafting to jump right in and learn as they go.

This Week in Geek September 19 - 26: Geek Camping Edition

This weekend, the Sherwood Forest Faire opens it’s grounds for the third annual Celtic Music Festival. If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, check out the Superhero party at Moltov, the super secret Whedonverse event, and the super fun game Settlers of Catan.

Tech Events Roundup September 16 - 22: Early Risers Appreciation Week

A lot of Austin’s tech events take place at happy hour, but this week, early risers have two tech breakfasts to choose from. After work, you can learn about the Austin startup scene, hang with your fellow video game developers, or, of course, have a drink at your networking minglers.

Tech Jobs Roundup for September 13

We’ve trolled Facebook, LinkedIn, and odd corners of the internet looking for the tech jobs you won’t find on Craigslist. Most of these come from people at the company in question hoping a friend of a friend can help them find a good person to hire. Luckily for you, The Austin Post is your friend.

This Week in Geek September 12 - 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day Edition

This week, Austin Geeks can enjoy a burlesque show, a Steampunk extravaganza, and a Talk Like A Pirate Day celebration as well as some smaller, quieter groups for the introverts such as the ever awesome Fantasy & Sci Fi Social, Austin Single Gamers, and a discussion group on being a geek.


Some kids are raised in the forest by wolves. Chris-Rachael was raised in suburbia by geeks. This explains her altar of outdated tech gadgets, closet full of costumes she’s never worn on halloween, and Doctor Who themed bathroom. Austin is her tenth city in twenty years. This time, she says she's settling down for good. Honest. While meandering across the world as an urban nomad, she has picked up a graduate degree in history, attended the Clarion Workshop, and enjoyed a career as a freelance journalist and copywriter. You can keep up with her real world technology reporting at The Austin Post. If the real world depresses you, escape into her short stories or drink yourself into 19th century oblivion with her aptly titled steampunk cocktail book, SteamDrunks.

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