Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 8/6- 8/12/09

There is a TON of bike related stuff this week on the order of we've not seen since Bike Month thanks to the Bicycle Film Festival. There are screenings all weekend starting Friday night, Gold Sprints, and Austin's first Bike Polo Tournament.

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 7/30- 8/5/09

The Bicycle Film Festival is still a week off yet there are tons of events going on this week including Gold Sprints, Critical Mass, an alleycat race benefiting the Yello

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 7/23- 7/29/09

With summer showers keeping the temperatures below 100, you might just want to get out and ride your bike.

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 7/16- 7/22/09

Does anyone remember what it was like to have a non-100 degree plus day or a night where it dips below 80 degrees? Luckily the Thursday Night Urban Ride and Tuesday's Midnight Ridazz have the right idea with some mid-ride wet and wild.

City consultant recommends removing helmetless bikers from Master Bike Plan document

Tonight is the meeting of the City of Austin Bicycle Advisory Council and part of the agenda includes discussion of proposed amendments to the recently adopted Master Bicycle

KVUE "investigates" guerrilla bike lanes that don't exist

At KVUE, ratings trump community good and a little things like the facts

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 6/25- 7/1/09

It's a hot one out there, but if you can stand the 100 degree days, there's lots to do. Just bring plenty of water where ever you go.


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